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Then one can use pip tools directly ( with root privileges ),
pip install svmon-client
pip install svmon-python-client
<b>Update pip client to the latest version for Python2.7 (pip 20.3.4 ) </b>
<b>Update pip client to the latest version</b>
pip install --upgrade pip
Please take in mind that svmon won't work with pip versions highers than 20.3.4 or with Python3. We are working in make it compatible with new versions of python but for the moment you will need Python2.7 and pip 20.3.4.
For instructions about how to install pip 20.3.4, please check [this]( page.
Install python-dotenv:
pip install python-dotenv
For test, just run the command svmon, the shell will return you help information. One can also try
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