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......@@ -12,6 +12,10 @@ from pakiti-client.
If unsupported, please remove it. A new version of pakiti-client will be installed with svmon client(rpm or pip).
Make sure you have installed perl-libwww-perl, perl-LWP-Protocol-https packages. <
## Installation
Note: for more detailed installation explaination please go to [installation section](./docs/
Then one can use pip tools directly ( with root privileges ),
pip install svmon-client
......@@ -74,4 +78,48 @@ client with --token yourapitoken --dump
. </b>However, you need install python requests library (
In addition, to establish secure link, you will also need SSL trusted CA chain file.
<b> Note: we also enclose the trusted CA file within the client: chain_TERENA_SSL_CA_3.pem.</b>
\ No newline at end of file
<<<<<<< Updated upstream
<b> Note: we also enclose the trusted CA file within the client: chain_TERENA_SSL_CA_3.pem.</b>
<b> Note: we also enclose the trusted CA file within the client: chain_TERENA_SSL_CA_3.pem.</b>
## Troubleshooting
#### Request package not updated
- `/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/requests/ RequestsDependencyWarning: urllib3 (1.24.1) or chardet (2.2.1) doesn't match a supported version!`
- For solving this you need to upgrade to the last version of requests with the command:
pip uninstall urllib3
pip uninstall chardet
pip install requests
- See more [here](
#### Sending report failed, please check your configuration
- In this case could be that your token expired, in that case you need to generate a new apiToken on [](
- Once you have your token you just need to do this:
svmon --token yourtoken --dump
#### You have no token configured, please go to webpage to create a token and configure it
- Same as previous step
#### ImportError: No module named dotenv
pip install python-dotenv
In case of problems please contact together with log of the error.
## Svmon client instructions
## How to install svmon:
1) First make sure you have pip installed by running: pip --version. If not try:
yum install python-pip
2) Make sure you have at least the version 18.1. Otherwise run:
pip install --upgrade pip
3) Make sure you have requests module installed. Otherwise run:
python -m pip install requests
2) Then install it:
pip install svmon-client
## How to send report of services to svmon:
1) Verify that you have svmon installed by running "svmon --help"
2) Go to under "Settings => Profile" and Request a new api token:
3) Copy the apiToken and go back to svmon and put it on the client using "svmon --token <pasteYourToken> --dump". Please note that you can only have one active token at a time.
4) Set your service you have interest to report using "svmon --type <serviceName> --dump". Please notice that you can read the available service types list using "svmon ---list-service-type"
5) Set your site and hostname with: "svmon --site <SITE> --host <HOST> --dump". For example: "svmon --site KIT --host --dump"
6) Check that the installation was success by typing "svmon --test"
7) Then send the report using "svmon --send"
Notes: you can see which service and versions will be send to the server by using "svmon --p"
## Troubleshooting
- For troubleshooting please go to the [readme troubleshooting section](./
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