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2. [PREREQUISITES - How to install IRODS and B2HANDLE](#prerequisites)
3. [Install - How to install the B2SAFE](#install)
4. [B2SHARE - How to connect B2SHARE with B2SAFE](#b2share)
4. [Development - Guide for contributing to B2SAFE](#development)
5. [Testing - Instructions to test the code](#testing)
......@@ -45,42 +44,15 @@ git clone .git B2SAFE-core
Information about b2share can be found in
The following describes the procedure to enable B2SAFE release-4.x.y with the B2SHARE publication option
* [Deployment see](
Install the python packages listed in /opt/eudat/b2safe/cmd/requirements.txt
* Install the python packages listed in /opt/eudat/b2safe/cmd/requirements.txt
Create or update /opt/eudat/b2safe/conf/b2share_client.json with the parameters of your b2safe/irods intallation and with your access parameters for your b2share instance
"configurations": {
"b2share_http_api": {
"host_name": "",
"access_parameter": "?access_token",
"list_communities_endpoint": "api/communities/",
"get_community_schema_endpoint": "/schemas/last",
"records_endpoint": "api/records/"
"irods": {
"zone_name": "tempZone",
"irods_env": "/home/irods/.irods/irods_environment.json",
"resources": "",
"irods_home_dir": "",
"irods_debug": ""
"logging": {
"loglevel": "DEBUG",
"logfile": "/opt/eudat/b2safe/log/b2share_connection_client.log"
"record_id": "5f4beef03bf8445a8214fd13bdda3398"
The value of record_id correspond with the user access tocken
How to get a access tocken
* How to get a access tocken
## Testing
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