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updated the documentation for the release 2.2.1

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B2SAFE module 2.2.1 [2014/08/22]
This is mainly a bug fix release with minor updates related to deployment,
test and integrity check scripts.
Unless you need to apply the patches mentioned in the documentation, there
is no need to recompile the module.
- fixed URI retrieval in the epic client function modifyHandle
- fixed the PPID update in function EUDATCreatePID
- updated docs/integrityCheck.pdf and docs/
- fixed a function name mismatch related to the rule EUDATUpdateLogging in
- added a test module for all scripts in cmd
- update fix regarding to function EUDATeCHECKSUMupdate
- update of the shell based install script
- added script for verification of checksums on TSM
B2SAFE module 2.2 [2014/07/09]
- defined a set of properties to publish the basic local B2SAFE configuration
- on demand checksum generation and verification tools based on replica location paths
......@@ -4,10 +4,16 @@
This setup describes the procedure to enable the B2SAFE module for iRODS 3.3.x
There is an automatic way to deploy the module based on the script:
There are two automatic ways to deploy the module.
One is based on the python script:
And on the configuration file:
And on its configuration file:
The other is besed on the shell script:
And on its configuration file:
And a manual way, reported in the following paragraphs.
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