Commit 0fdf7c04 authored by Stefan Wolfsheimer's avatar Stefan Wolfsheimer
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fix test script: remove handles in setup method

If a test failed, in some cases handles might not have been cleaned up.
parent 19060c2b
......@@ -157,7 +157,8 @@ def create_handles_for_collection(irods_test_file_path, fixed_content):
def delete_handle(pid):
'''procedure to delete a pid'''
# create iRODS rule to delete created pid
irule_rule = '{getEpicApiParameters(*credStoreType, *credStorePath, *epicApi, *serverID, *epicDebug);msiExecCmd("","*credStoreType *credStorePath delete *pid", "null", "null", "null", *out)}'
irule_rule = '{getEpicApiParameters(*credStoreType, *credStorePath, *epicApi, *serverID, *epicDebug);' + \
' msiExecCmd("","*credStoreType *credStorePath delete *pid", "null", "null", "null", *out)}'
irule_input = '*pid='+pid
irule_output = '*out'
command = ["irule", irule_rule, irule_input, irule_output]
......@@ -225,6 +226,14 @@ class IrodsB2safeIntegrationTests(unittest.TestCase):
self.irods_home = jsonfilecontent.pop('irods_home')
self.irods_user_name = jsonfilecontent.pop('irods_user_name')
self.irods_zone_name = jsonfilecontent.pop('irods_zone_name')
deleted = {}
res = search_handle(self.irods_home + '/*')
while res != 'empty':
deleted[res] = True
dres = delete_handle(res)
res = search_handle(self.irods_home + '/*')
if res in deleted:
raise RuntimeError('not deleted PID {0}'.format(res))
def tearDown(self):
""" Cleanup testB2SafeCmd environment after the tests have run
......@@ -331,10 +340,8 @@ class IrodsB2safeIntegrationTests(unittest.TestCase):
# put test file in iRODS
put_irods_file(test_path, self.irods_home+'/'+test_file)
# create test handle
handle_created = create_handle(self.irods_home+'/'+test_file, 'pid', 'None', 'false' )
# cleanup before checks
# retrieve values and delete if a handle has been created
if handle_created != None:
......@@ -385,8 +392,7 @@ class IrodsB2safeIntegrationTests(unittest.TestCase):
# delete file from iRODS
# create array with values to test and execute
# create array with values to test and execute
test_values=[{'action': 'NotEqual', 'result_value': handle_created, 'expected_value': None, 'string': 'No PID has been created'}]
# check basic handle field(s)
test_values.append({'action': 'NotEqual', 'result_value': handle_dict['url'], 'expected_value': 'None', 'string': 'URL does not have a value'})
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