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B2SAFE package 4.1.0 [2017/12/18]
- tested sucessfully against iRODS v4.2.1. The test against iRODS 4.2.2 failed due to this bug: https://github.com/irods/irods/issues/3722, therefore the v4.2.2 is not supported yet.
- fixed bug related to EUDATReplication rule (https://github.com/EUDAT-B2SAFE/B2SAFE-core/issues/102)
- improved install.txt documentation (https://github.com/EUDAT-B2SAFE/B2SAFE-core/issues/103)
- added EUDATeURLupdateColl(*PID, *newURL) to update the url in multiple PIDS associeted to a whole collection of objects.
- many improvements in the logging
- added the option to specify the destination iRODS resource in many rules, included the EUDATReplication.
B2SAFE package 4.0.1 [2017/07/11]
- added support for iRODS 4.2.1 (https://github.com/EUDAT-B2SAFE/B2SAFE-core/issues/94)
- fixed bug related to package deployment (https://github.com/EUDAT-B2SAFE/B2SAFE-core/issues/85)
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