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Merge pull request #98 from merretbuurman/rulebaseadaptations

parents 1a28625f 82dabba8
......@@ -222,6 +222,12 @@ EUDATUpdatePIDWithNewChild(*parentPID, *childPID) {
EUDATGeteValPid(*pid, *key) {
logVerbose("[EUDATGeteValPid] get *key from *pid");
if (*pid == "") {
# throw error to avoid costly interaction with pid server that will fail anyway
logError("[EUDATGeteValPid] No PID provided. This will fail.");
*errorMsg = "Trying to read values from PID when no PID provided.";
failmsg(-1, *errorMsg); # TODO Return a more suitable return code
getEpicApiParameters(*credStoreType, *credStorePath, *epicApi, *serverID, *epicDebug);
msiExecCmd("epicclient.py", "*credStoreType *credStorePath read *pid --key *key",
"null", "null", "null", *outGRP);
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