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# Building the package locally
## Requirements
* docker
* docker-compose
## Building and testing
The script can be used *./ci/build.sh* to build the RPM package.
### Build the RPM
Build the B2SAFE package for CentOS 7 and iRODS 4.2.6.
./ci/build.sh centos7_4_2_6
If the build process was successful, the RPM will be copied to the shared target folder:
ls ci/RPMS/Centos/7/irods-4.2.6/
### Configure the functional test
In order to run the tests make sure that you have access to a handle server with a dedicated test prefix.
You should have received a private key and a certificate PEM file
(in this case *308_21.T12995_TRAINING_privkey.pem* and *308_21.T12995_TRAINING_certificate_only.pem*)
Configure the following files:
"handle_server_url": "https://epic5.storage.surfsara.nl:8003",
"private_key": "/etc/irods/308_21.T12995_TRAINING_privkey.pem",
"certificate_only": "/etc/irods/308_21.T12995_TRAINING_certificate_only.pem",
"prefix": "21.T12995",
"handleowner": "200:0.NA/21.T12995",
"reverselookup_username": "21.T12995",
"reverselookup_password": "<INSERT_PASSWORD_HERE>",
"HTTPS_verify": "False"
"server_id": "irods://{HOSTNAME}:1247",
"server_api_reg": "irods://{UUID}:1247",
"server_api_pub": "irods://{UUID}:1247",
"handle_server_url": "https://epic5.storage.surfsara.nl:8003",
"handle_private_key": "/etc/irods/308_21.T12995_TRAINING_privkey.pem",
"handle_certificate_only": "/etc/irods/308_21.T12995_TRAINING_certificate_only.pem",
"handle_prefix": "21.T12995",
"handle_owner": "200:0.NA/21.T12995",
"handle_reverse_lookup_name": "21.T12995",
"handle_reverse_lookup_password": "<INSERT_PASSWORD_HERE>",
"handle_https_verify": "False",
"handle_users": [ "*" ],
"handle_groups": []
### Run the functional test
./ci/test.sh centos7_4_2_6
### Automation
The details can be found in the Jenkinsfile in the root of the repository.
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