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*** Installation/Upgrade ***
The following describes the procedure to enable B2SAFE release-4.x.y with the
B2SHARE publication option.
......@@ -7,7 +8,7 @@ The connection between B2SAFE and B2SHARE enables a B2SAFE user to trigger a set
The B2SHARE connection component is an extension of the B2SAFE core package (, so following software are expected to be in place before installation:
......@@ -16,19 +17,18 @@ The B2SHARE connection component is an extension of the B2SAFE core package (htt
python 3
NOTE: B2HANDLE can be found at:
NOTE: B2HANDLE can be found at:
NOTE: iRODS is running as a normal user process. NOT as root. The package can
be build by any user. During installation of the package it will use:
"/etc/irods/service_account.config" to set the ownership of the files.
NOTE: iRODS needs to be installed AND configured before installing/upgrading B2SAFE
To install the B2SHARE-connect component you have to do following steps:
- clone the b2safe-b2share-connect project as any user. NOT root
$ git clone
``` $ git clone
- add following scripts to \<your path to B2SAFE\>/B2SAFE-core/cmd:
......@@ -49,7 +49,8 @@ This are mostly: python-irodsclient jsonpatch requests configparser mock pytest
Try to install missing packages with the standard package manager like pip (sudo pip3.6 install), apt, yum, zypper etc.
As described in the “Example Workflow” section, the iRODS rules will trigger these scripts according to the flags user specify in the imeta of the collection.
There are two major scripts for the B2SHARE connection component and that are using the configuration stored in file “b2share_client.json”. The configuration has of 3 parts.
The first two sections `logging` and `b2share_http_api` are prefilled with default values.
......@@ -84,6 +85,7 @@ The first two sections `logging` and `b2share_http_api` are prefilled with defau
Example Workflow
Following workflow was considered during the component development:
1. The user is registered at B2SHARE and has an B2SHARE access token. The user provides the b2share token to the B2SAFE administrator, who adds it to the user metadata: `imeta add
......@@ -105,8 +107,6 @@ The `imeta ls -C \<collection_X\>` will then deliver:
3. As preparation the user can create a meta data file **b2share_metadata.json** in the collection. The helper script **** creates a sceleton file according to th
e B2SHARE schema of the community.
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