Commit ed5c87d7 authored by George Kalampokis's avatar George Kalampokis

Add missing file

parent de4d7049
......@@ -544,7 +544,8 @@
"DMP": "DMP",
"GRANT": "Grant",
"TEMPLATES-INVOLVED": "Dataset Description Template"
"TEMPLATES-INVOLVED": "Dataset Description Template",
"VERSION": "DMP Version"
......@@ -760,7 +761,8 @@
"SELECT-COLLABORATORS": "Select Collaborators",
"RELATED-COLLABORATORS": "Related Collaborators",
"SELECT-DATASET-TEMPLATES": "Select Dataset Description Templates",
"RELATED-DATASET-TEMPLATES": "Related Dataset Description Templates"
"RELATED-DATASET-TEMPLATES": "Related Dataset Description Templates",
"ALL-VERSIONS": "From All Versions"
"DMP": {
"LIKE": "Search DMPs",
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