Commit 90c2d8af authored by Antoine de Torcy's avatar Antoine de Torcy
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Add Deep Archive test

parent 4bfd4a15
......@@ -48,3 +48,4 @@ END_POSTINSTALL
f 644 root root ${OS_IRODS_HOME_DIR}/plugins/resources/ ./
f 644 root root ${OS_IRODS_HOME_DIR}/tests/pydevtest/ ./packaging/
f 644 root root ${OS_IRODS_HOME_DIR}/tests/pydevtest/move2DA.r ./packaging/move2DA.r
# example:
# irule -F rules/move2DA.r "'s3resc;s3archive'" "'/tempZone/home/rods/testfile'" "'/my_bucket/home/rods/testfile'"
move_to_deep_archive {
msicompound_archive_object(*resc_hier, *logical_path, *physical_path);
INPUT *resc_hier=$1, *logical_path=$2, *physical_path=$3
OUTPUT ruleExecOut
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