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......@@ -31,3 +31,14 @@ fi
# to simulate failure
# exit 127
# Example Configuration and Usage, this part should be adapted in order to use Minio
iadmin mkresc compResc compound
#iadmin mkresc cacheResc unixfilesystem <hostname>:</full/path/to/Vault>
iadmin mkresc cacheResc unixfilesystem localhost:/var/lib/irods/Vault
#iadmin mkresc archiveResc s3 <hostname>:/<s3BucketName>/irods/Vault ";S3_AUTH_FILE=</full/path/to/AWS.keypair>;S3_RETRY_COUNT=<num reconn tries>;S3_WAIT_TIME_SEC=<wait between retries>;S3_PROTO=<HTTP|HTTPS>"
iadmin mkresc archiveResc s3 localhost:/s3bucket/irods/Vault "S3_DEFAULT_HOSTNAME=localhost;S3_AUTH_FILE=./AWS.keypair;S3_RETRY_COUNT=3;S3_WAIT_TIME_SEC=1;S3_PROTO=HTTP"
iadmin addchildtoresc compResc cacheResc cache
iadmin addchildtoresc compResc archiveResc archive
iput -R compResc foo.txt
#ireg -R archiveResc /<s3BucketName>/full/path/in/bucket /full/logical/path/to/dataObject
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