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# general information
# General Information
General information on Proprietary Binary Data in experimental science and:
- how we want to dissuade instrument vendors from using such data
- how we want to dissuade instrument vendors from using such data and save the primary data in an open format.
- allow vendors to open their formats explicitly or implicitly
- open the formats/data
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- open the formats/data
# Frequently Asked Questions
## Why are export functions in the instrument software not sufficient?
- The export function works well for 1-2 files but is not workable for 100 or more files.
- Much metadata is not exported as the export-function only writes the main-data.
- If in 100 years someone want to read the raw data, the instrument software is not going to work on those operating systems.
## Which formats are considered better?
- xml: is the default open format but is unpractical for very large data and elaborate for small data
- json: is nice for small data but might be non-uniquely defined
- hdf5: is great for large data and it is binary, fast.
- tif with embedded metadata: is great for 2D data that can be displayed as images. Every operating system can show it and show a preview. The meta data can be saved as key-value pairs or as json-string.
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